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Ouarzazate, The magic of “Hollywood of Africa”

Ouarzazate, The magic of “Hollywood of Africa”

The city of Ouarzazate, located in the south-east of Morocco, is known as the “Hollywood of Africa”, for its antique architectural style, and it’s stone and mud buildings, which, along with the decorations that nature has dedicated to it and its surroundings, have contributed to embracing international film projects.

Hollywood Africa was able to bring in dozens of international film directors to shoot dozens of world-renowned films;  This is due to the diversity of the terrain of Ouarzazate, which combines mountains covered with snow in winter, green oases, and arid desert, which provides the opportunity for film directors to achieve their requirements.

The city itself is considered the first nationally to have studios for cinematography, such as: “Atlas, Oscar, Cla”, and others, in addition to natural decorations that respond to the requirements of all film directors.  Also, most of the city’s youth and its surroundings have gained experience in this field, and they occupy the task of “extras” in a group of films that the city hosts from time to time.

Cinema entrance of the development

No one disagrees that the cinematic sector in the city of Ouarzazate was and still plays an important role in local development, through the job opportunities that the sector provides for the youth and the city’s residents, and its surroundings in general, given the great cinematic qualifications that characterize the city from other Moroccan cities, the most important of which are the studios that have hosted films  Cultural, historical and religious cinema

A cinematic city awaits the official media’s turn

Since 1920. In the Amazigh dictionary, the word Ouarzazate means “without noise”.  The city was also a small transit point for African traders from Timbuktu in sub-Saharan Africa, who were heading to northern Morocco and Europe.

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Ouarzazate, The magic of “Hollywood of Africa”