Marrakech The Best Things To Do In Marrakech Just In 3 Days

Marrakech The Best Things To Do In Marrakech Just In 3 Days

Marrakech, also known as Morocco’s red city, is the fourth biggest city of the country and one of the top cities to visit in Morocco. No matter if you are going there for a city trip or as a part of a Morocco road trip – the vibrant old town of Marrakech (Medina) will enchant you, that’s for sure. Enjoy the unique flair of the famous Djemaa el Fna square and watch the snake charmers’, acrobats’ and drummers’ show. Drink delicious mint tea inside the oriental Medina and explore Marrakech`s Old Town which is fully packed with history and culture. Don`t mind getting lost, there is a surprise around each corner. 3 Days in Marrakech is the perfect amount of time to explore all the best sights and places of this magical destination.

In this itinerary for Marrakesh you are going to read more about the most amazing things to see and the best sights that shouldn`t be missed. On top, we are going to provide you with some useful tips and hotel recommendations for your next city trip to Marrakech. Follow the itinerary to get the most out of your stay!

So let`s explore Marrakech! Here is our itinerary for 3 days in Marrakech.

Day 1 in Marrakech

The Medina – Old town Marrakech

The ancient walled old town named Medina is a narrow labyrinthine of alleys and oriental souks. Beneath each corner there is something interesting to see – so don`t mind getting lost. The medina is really mysterious, a bit noisy, with lots of hustle and bustle and so wonderful colorful and exotic. Full with history and culture, strolling around in is like stepping back in time and also many of the top sights of Marrakech are located inside the Medina. Getting lost inside the medina is the best start to explore the city.

El Badi Palace

Our first stop was the El-Badi Palast, an ancient ruined palace built at the end of the sixteenth century. We walked through the vast courtyard with its huge pools and the sunken gardens, where orange trees were blooming. Our Tip: When you climb up the ruined ramparts of the palace, you will get the most wonderful view of the medina on the one side and on the other side of the palace with the Atlas Mountain in the background.

Place des Ferblantiers

On your Way to El-Badi Palace and Bahia Palace you are likely to cross this place. There are some great shops selling traditional Moroccan hand crafts, souvenirs and aromatic spices. There is not too much hassle and we were amazed by all the beautiful Moroccan lamps!

Bahia Palace

Not getting enough of exploring Marrakesh best sights, we went to the famous Bahia-Palace. The palace means „The Beautiful“ – and it’s truly an architectural beauty! For sure you will love the stunning mosaics and fascinating history about the palace of a former Grand Vizier. The Bahia Palace should not be missed – it’s a main attraction of Marrakesh.

Djemaa el Fna & the Snake Charmers

Visiting the Djemaa el Fna was quite an adventure! At daytime it’s the home of the Snake Charmers, Water Sellers, Story Tellers, and Henna Makers – at night the food stalls open and you will smell the delicious Moroccan cuisine.
It’s best to watch the goings-on at the sunset from one of the terrace cafes while enjoying a mint tea.

Day 2 in Marrakech

Jardin Majorelle – Majorelle Garden

The next day we left the medina to visit the Jardin Majorelle, but even though we arrived earlier, there were lots of people who were waiting to see the gardens. No wonder, it’s the most visited site in Morocco.
The Garden is just beautiful, a little oasis in the middle of the chaotic city. 300 different exotic plants, pretty fountains, cobalt blue colored bridges and buildings- this lovely place offers some fantastic photo motifs! Visiting the Majorelle Garden was our highlight of all the 3 days in Marrakesh!

Souks of Marrakech

The souks of Marrakesh are also located inside of the medina. We wandered around for a while just watching the ongoing spectacle, even if you are not up to buying something, it’s a great experience: The mixture of the smell of spices with the fume of the motorbikes, the butcher selling his meat next to the pottery stall, the shouts of the shop holders – donkey wagons on the buzzling tiny streets.

Our Tip: Try to bargain and never take the first price. You can bargain up to 1/3 of the first price!

Koutoubia Mosque

Nearby the Souks and just next to Djemaa el Fna, you will find the Koutoubia Mosque- Marrakesh largest Mosque. This eye-catching building, the minaret is built about 70 meters from the ground, is surrounded by a beautiful huge garden area. The mosque is closed for Non-Muslims, but can be visited with guided tours.

Day 3 in Marrakech

Medersa Ben Youssef & Dar Bellarj

The last day of our stay in Marrakech, we got up early again to make the most of the day. First, we visited the Medersa Ben Youssef, a historic Islamic school. This magnificent building with its stuccowork and wood carving is a must see in Marrakesh. Take your time to explore this masterpiece! We stayed there quite a long time to enjoy the incredible architecture and the stuccowork. Our tip for photographers: for good shots, it’s better to come early in the morning.

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