Camps in the Moroccan Desert


Camps in the Moroccan Desert

Morocco desert Camps Sahara offers so much more than simply Comfort and fun and experiencing a night in the great desert. The quietude and space of the Sahara is indescribable,
Come and stay at the original camps and best luxury desert camps in the Moroccan Sahara



Chegaga Camp

The Camp is 60 km from the village Mhamid, to join the Camp it takes 3 Days on camel or foot, and 2h in 4×4.

The Camp is located at the foot of the dunes of Chégaga the biggest dunes of Morocco at 350m of altitude. The Camp is made up of 10 tents made by the nomads. They are made of goat hair or dromedary and a mixture of wool, reinforced with a wooden frame. They are equipped to receive 2 to 4 people each and provide you the maximum comfort.

The floor is covered with thick carpets, beds, mattresses. Blankets and sheets are provided. The tents are not connected to electricity, small candlesticks provide you with the necessary lighting.

As well as showers and toilets. If you wish to stay in our Camp, let us know the number of people concerned, the number of nights, and your desired departure point: departure to the Camp in Mhamid, we take care of your transport from Ouarzazate or Marrakech.

Desert morocco
Desert Morocco

Merzouga Camp

They rise like living walls at the gates of the desert (40 km from the border of Algeria). The highest reaches 150 m. Beautiful sunset and sunrise. You can spend the night in tents (goat and dromedary hair) of nomads located at the foot of the dunes.

Camp of M’hamid

We will accomodate you to our Camp which is 3 km of village of Mhamid, to join the Camp it is necessary 1h to dromedary back or on foot, and 15 minutes in 4×4 or a normal see. The caravan Camp of the valley of the draa invites you to spend an unforgettable night in many golden dunes. Our Camp is your place or you can stay quietly before and after your tours or travel.

Desert morocco

Wild Camp

They rise like living walls at To live the 100% « nomadic » experience, we offer wild Camps. The tents are installed on demand anywhere in the desert. It’s your choice, with your guide in the place you prefer to spend the night.

The mattresses, sheets and blankets are provided.

You can learn about the preparation of tagines for dinner.


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