Tours from Tangier

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Day 1 Tangier – Tetouan

Departure at 08:00 from Tangier to Tetouan.

Passage through the nature reserve of the Jebel Bouhachem where one picnic. We arrive at Tetuan in the late afternoon – noon. We spend the night at the hotel.

Day 1 Tangier

Arrival at Tangier. Welcome and reception at the port, transfer to hotel.

Day 2 Tangier – Chefchaouen

Wego Hotels [CPS] Many Geo's

Day 1 Tangier – Nador

Departure at 08:00 from Tangier to Nador.

Day 1 Tangier – Chefchaouen – Meknes

Arrival of the bus to the port of Tangier.

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Wego Hotels [CPS] Many Geo's
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