Essaouira City, a moroccan treasure full of history

Essaouira City, a moroccan treasure full of history

The beautiful city Essaouira is located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco and is considered to be a true paradise for surfers, beach lovers but also Morocco travellers. This seaside town offers plenty of lovely places to visit: pretty lanes with blue doors, cozy cafés, oriental souks, the unique fish market and an ancient citadel with tall city walls. Inside the ancient medina are so many hidden places and details waiting for you to be explored. Also, the beach at Essaouira is wildly romantic. There is always a breeze coming from the Atlantic. Therefore, it is a popular holiday destination for surfers, kiters and beach addicts.

In this travel guide we give you all the important info and tips for a perfect holiday or day trip to Essaouira. We will share exclusive insider tips, show you the most beautiful places to visit and the best things to do.

Best things to do in Essaouira

Essaouira, one of Morocco’s oldest cities, offers a great selection of beautiful things to do and unforgettable attractions. Here, we have summarized all wonderful places and highlights of the city:

The Medina

As you stroll through one of the 3 city gates (Sbâa, Bab Marrakech, or Bab Doukhala), you’ll find yourself inside the Old City, Essaouiras main attraction. Best place just for getting lost inside the streets, marvel at the contrast between the white walls of the house and the many pretty blue doors and shutters. Countless small shops and galleries offer their goods or great art – so for those who love shopping, the souks of this city are a real paradise. Or you just drink a delicious peppermint tea and taste a “Tajine Souiri” the national food, in one of the countless cozy restaurants.

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