Zagora is a city in Morocco. It is located in the region of Drâa-Tafilalet in the South of Morocco and is surrounded by some beautiful old kasbahs around which the shepherds lead their sheep. The desert is close and the landscape takes on a mineral splendor whose brilliance is reflected on the buildings.

The new town of Zagora dates from the French protectorate of which it was one of the administrative centers. However, the oasis had been inhabited for a much longer time, since it was from there that the expedition of the Saadians to Timbuktu took place in 1591. A sign, in the center of the city, indicates Timbuktu 52 days It took the Saadian army 135 to do it.

Zagora is dominated by the Jebel Zagora, and has a vast palm grove. It is the starting point for many walks in the region. Wednesdays and Sundays takes place the big market.

Zagora has a warm desert climate (Köppen BWh classification) typical of the Moroccan desert with long, hot summers and short, pleasantly warm winters. The climate is very dry all year round since the average annual rainfall is about 61 mm.