Rabat is the capital of Morocco. The city is located on the Atlantic coast in the northwest of Morocco, 40 km south of Kenitra, and 90 km northeast of Casablanca. It is separated from the town of Salé at the mouth of the Bouregreg, hence their nickname of “twin towns”.

The heart of the city of Rabat consists of three districts: the Medina (historical center), the Kasbah of Oudayas and Hassan, located inside the Almohad wall.

To the west, and along the seashores, there is a succession of neighborhoods. First, in the vicinity of the ramparts, the old districts of the Ocean and the Orange trees (popular and middle class). Beyond that, a succession of predominantly popular districts: Diour Jamaa, Akkari, Yacoub el-Mansour, Massira and Hay el-Fath.

To the east, along the Bouregreg, there are popular districts of Youssoufia, Douar el-Hajja, Taqaddoum, Hay Nahda, Aviation, Romani (popular and middle classes).